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We are an American company with +20 years of bringing the most beautiful and exclusive Brazilian Fashion and Cosmetics. Shopcouture emerges to facilitate the presence of Brands and Suppliers from Brazil, the main Western fashion and cosmetics supplier. Through our platform you can access the largest digital trade shows circuit in the fashion and cosmetics industry.

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Increase your sales by maximizing your buying efficiency. Shopcouture brings you thousands of exclusive suppliers to choose from, allowing our customers to have a complete and unique assortment of styles while maximizing margins.

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It is not easy to maintain and survive in today’s market where a new competitor is arriving every other day. Customers, be it direct or indirect, are hard to keep loyal to a specific brand when offered several options at competitive prices. As a customer, you must have experienced a time when the features of...

There is no doubt that the fashion industry is growing, with an expected $873 billion in revenue by 2023. Apparel retailers are always looking for new ways to capitalize on this great opportunity and increase their sell-through rate. There are two main points that fashion retailers are likely to overlook when looking for new sell-through...

If you stopped for coffee today, you experienced a business-to-consumer transfer of money. In short,it is called a B2C transaction, which is natural when going about our everyday lives. On the other hand, business-to-business, a.k.a. B2B transactions involve the transfer of money from one business to another. In 2019, B2B ecommerce was worth $12 trillion...

The upscale brand’s latest editorial features Black & White tones with Lança Perfume exclusive textures and applications. The stunning and bold combinations enhance sophistication and empower women. Check it out:

Last year, so many trade shows were canceled due to the pandemic; however, the desire among retailers and suppliers to connect remains strong. COVID-19 continues to impact various industries, and the fashion industry is no different. Businesses are slowly opening in some parts of the world but by following safety measures. The apparel industry is...

As new greet this new decade, the world never seemed more global. With e-commerce, it’s now easier to scale your business to the international level. If you are planning to bring your brand to the American market, great news! The possibilities are endless. If you manage to successfully take your business to the American market,...

In the current post-COVID scenario, many businesses are adopting new features as well as technologies for survival. Some are forced to change their business model. The retail fashion industry is one of them. Brands have started giving importance to online presence. But there’s another trend taking over called dropshipping. Dropshipping allows you to sell your...

The biggest challenge small businesses such owner of a boutique or a flower shop face is attracting customers. Are you struggling as well? These competitive digital times call for taking timely measures to stand out from the crowd; otherwise, you would be buried under the competition or be just another business that closed because it...


Become part of the largest growing wholesale platform focused on Brazilian Suppliers. We are a multi solution to any size company. End-to-end process, all in one place.

Over 10,000 clients on our database, all divided by segments
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Experts on matchmaking, rather you need ready-to-wear or supplies
A full resource on how to successfully find the right partners

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The best Brazilian fashion suppliers all year round
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